Regulatory Compliance: Smart Grid Report for Portland General Electric


Seventy-page state regulatory commission filing involved writing document with  detailed inventory of 68 smart grid technology initiatives and customer  offerings, coordinating more than 30 professionals in data assembly , advanced metrics and  delineating new strategy model spelling out how utility investments  support state  energy and GHG reduction goals with presentations to C-suite  executive committe

Where the Wind Blows and Sun Shines: White Paper and Studies


To support legislative re-authorization of state and federal investment and  production tax credits for renewable wind and solar energy, this  Issue driven, readily digestible white paper provided a state-by-state delineation of incentive program guidelines, levels of investment and resulting environmental and economic benefits including GHG reductions and job creation.

Technical Study: Needs Assessment for Low Carbon Transportation Fueling Infrastructure

Studies, reports, feasibility and needs assessments and performance and impact evaluations using qua

Studies, reports, feasibility and needs assessments and performance and impact evaluations using quantitative methodologies and economics, surveys interviews, and documentary sources. This 80-page study documented a multi-billion dollar need for infrastructure nationwide to accommodate commercial and consumer adoption of low and no  emission vehicles and proposed policies to accelerate deployment

Highly Persuasive Print and Online Op-Eds and Media Content


Write  highly compelling content to advance business and  policy agendas and place in leading media venues with titles such as  Time for $1 Trillion Infrastructure Act, Preparing  for Electrification of Transportation, Making Autonomous Vehicles  Work, and the one pictured, for raising university tuition to generate growth and create jobs.  Ghost-written  or run under my  name for clients that want to maintain a degree of separation.

Policy & Strategy Development, Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration


Facilitated and provided research and analysis support for mayoral-appointed task force developing plans and policy to drive energy performance in existing buildings to meet city’s energy and climate goals using  a suite of interconnected policies and programs designed to incentivize investment in cost effective  improvements in existing buildings, both public and private. 

Data Collection and Management, Surveys and Technical Assessments


From market opportunities and barriers surveys of electric vehicle industry professionals to  80-page technical needs assessment to support federal funding for no-and low carbon transportation fuels infrastructure